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Grow your business with powerful email marketing.
Email marketing is your direct line to engaged customers.
What's in our email marketing services

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels, but it requires the right tools to truly connect with your audience.


Discover your vision

We search though  your business goals, target audience, and core values. This sets the foundation for crafting compelling email experiences.

Customer Journey Mapping

We'll map out your ideal customer's journey, pinpointing key touchpoints where email marketing can nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Strategic Planning & Audience Segmentation

We'll define clear, measurable goals for your email campaigns, aligning with your overall marketing objective. Then, we'll segment your audience based on demographics, interests, behavior, and purchase history.

Design & Implementation

We will first do drafts in Figma and together we'll choose an ideal direction. Then build it in Klaviyo, Mailerlite or Hubspot. We'll ensure your emails land in your subscribers' inboxes, avoiding spam filters.
What to expect

Investing in email marketing can be a game-changer, but navigating the process and seeing real results takes expertise.

Expect beautifully designed emails that resonate with your customers, driving engagement and measurable results. We'll continuously optimize your campaigns and keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring your email marketing becomes a powerful growth engine for your business.
Benefits of choosing our email marketing services

To truly unlock its potential, you need a solid strategy.


Targeted Engagement

We segment your audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior, ensuring your emails resonate with the right people at the right time.

Content that Converts

Our expert copywriters craft compelling messages that speak directly to your audience's needs and desires. We combine persuasive language with a brand-consistent voice, encouraging clicks and driving conversions.

A/B Testing & Optimization

We don't just send emails and hope for the best. We use A/B testing to optimize every aspect of your campaigns, from subject lines to email layouts and CTAs.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Effective email marketing fosters brand loyalty. We help you nurture leads through automated email sequences, keeping your brand top-of-mind at every stage of the customer journey.

Measurable Results & ROI

We believe in transparency. You'll receive clear, actionable reports with key email marketing metrics. This data allows us to track progress, optimize campaigns, and ensure you're getting a strong return on your investment.

Expert Guidance & Collaboration

You're not alone. Our experienced team provides ongoing support and strategic guidance. We collaborate with you to define campaign goals, analyze data, and refine strategies for continued growth.
What they say

”I have what I dreamed of – a recognizable brand from every mom around here. 2 years ago, I couldn't understand when they say good branding makes millions, now I know! Tnx"

Ellie Clark, Co-founder @ Mama & me
Our Work

Your digital journey starts the minute you launch your website.

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How we determine pricing

Every website is unique, user-centered, and tailored specifically for your business.


Discuss your business goals

Understanding your vision is paramount. We need to learn about what you aim to achieve as a brand. We need to know your short and long term vision and then we'll create a website that works for your goals.

Together, through open discussion, we will define the "win" scenario for your project, ensuring our collaborative efforts translate into tangible success for your business.

Analyzing your market

Through a collaborative analysis of your market, we'll gain valuable insights into your target audience, industry trends, and competitor strengths and weaknesses.

We  do a deep dive into the industrym niche and your competition. We determine their advantages and disadvantages as a business and within web design. That helps us create the best action plan for your website.

We've collected most frequent questions and here are the answers.

How long does the branding process take?
The timeframe for completing one project can be flexible and it Is depending by factors such as project complexity and client availability. On average we are done in 2-4 weeks period, but in the end the project’s pace is determined by the client.

How much input you can provide, your responsiveness to feedback, content readiness and the specific functionality requirements can all impact one the speed of completition.
Can you integrate your email marketing platform with my existing CRM?
It depends on what kind of platform you are suing right now and what are your goals for the marketing.

You can let us know what platform you use and we will match you with a person that is expert with the platform.
I don't have any subscribers yet. Can you help me build a list?
Absolutely! We offer strategies to help you grow your subscriber base.

Website signup forms, lead magnets, social media promotion, content marketing will help us achieve that!
I have a few subscribers from a long time ago. How can I re-engage them?
Reinvigorating your existing list is key!

There are couple of things we need to do before reaching out again. But of course, segmentation, re-engagement campaigns, new updated content are key.
Do you involve me in the creative process? How much control do I have?
Absolutely! Collaboration is key. We'll work closely with you throughout the email design process, from initial idea in Figma, till the end.

We present you with creative concepts and gather your feedback to ensure the final email deisgns aligns perfectly with your vision.

What are the next steps to get started?
Contact us today for a free consultation in the form below! We'd love to discuss your vision and answer any questions you might have about our WordPress development services.

Let's find your ideal audience and keep them for life

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