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Good branding makes a consumer a customer for life.
Specialized branding services

We create your brand's essence with the art and science of creating of names, visual identities, tone & voice, and brand strategies.


Brand Discovery

We search though  your business goals, target audience, and core values. This phase clarifies your mission, vision, values, and unique selling proposition (USP).


With a clear understanding of your brand, we'll translate its essence into visuals. This might involve mood boards, competitor analysis, and brainstorming sessions to create a cohesive visual identity that aligns with your brand.

Brand Logo and Identity

Building on the previous phases, we'll your logo and set the brand colors, typography, and any other visual elements that will represent your brand. They ensure everything reflects your brand personality and resonates with your target audience.

Refine and Publish

Then, we will present our work and incorporate your feedback. Once finalized, we'll provide brand guidelines to ensure consistent use of your brand identity across all platforms and marketing materials.
What to expect

People buy from the brands they trust. We tell your story thoguh every facet of your business, from your website design to your social media presence and more.

Understanding the essence of your brand is crucial in a crowded marketplace. Our approach involves digging deep into what sets your business apart, identifying your core values, and highlighting your strengths in a way that appeals to your target audience.
Detailed preview of our branding services

The ins and outs on how we can lend ahelping hand with our branding services.


Brand Discovery

Brand personality
Target Audience
Competitor Analysis
Current trend Analysis


Brand story
Mission & Values
Tone of voice

Logo Design

Logo Composition
Style sheet

Identity Design

Brand colors and typography
Logo System
Secondary Elements
Photo Direction

Brand Guidelines

Strategy & Positioning
Identity Elements
Color Codes
Usage Examples

On-going Brand Support

Building a strong brand is an ongoing process. That's why we offer on-going brand support to ensure your brand stays consistent, relevant, and effective.
What they say

”Maya created a number of logo options for us to review and we loved the branding she created for us. She was able to implement our feedback and give us a logo and brand design that we loved! I would highly recommend working with her and hope to work with her again!"

Megan Eliot @ Little Clean
Our Work

Brands that sell, focus on evoking customer's emotions.

Letters To William

Rarify Beauty

Little Clean

Brand Design, Brand Manual

Landscape Boutique and Marketing

Brand Identity, Website Design, WordPress Development
How we determine pricing

Every brand is unique, user-centered, and tailored specifically for your business.


Discuss your business goals

Understanding your vision is paramount. We need to learn about what you aim to achieve as a brand. We need to know your short and long term vision and then we'll create a website that works for your goals.

Together, through open discussion, we will define the "win" scenario for your project, ensuring our collaborative efforts translate into tangible success for your business.

Analyzing your market

Through a collaborative analysis of your market, we'll gain valuable insights into your target audience, industry trends, and competitor strengths and weaknesses.

We  do a deep dive into the industrym niche and your competition. We determine their advantages and disadvantages as a business and within web design. That helps us create the best action plan for your website.

We've collected most frequent questions and here are the answers.

How long does the branding process take?
The timeframe for completing one project can be flexible and it Is depending by factors such as project complexity and client availability. On average we are done in 2-4 weeks period, but in the end the project’s pace is determined by the client.

How much input you can provide, your responsiveness to feedback, content readiness and the specific functionality requirements can all impact one the speed of completition.
I have a logo, but it feels outdated. Can you refresh my brand without starting from scratch?
100 times yes! We can analyze your existing logo and brand identity to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Often, a refresh can involve modernizing your color palette, updating fonts, or refining your logo design while retaining core elements for brand recognition.
Can branding help me increase brand awareness and sales?
Well, yeah! Effective branding is a cornerstone of any marketing strategy. It increases brand awareness by creating a memorable and consistent presence across all touchpoints.

When customers connect with your brand on an emotional level, they're more likely to trust you, become loyal customers, and recommend your products or services.
I'm on a tight budget. Do you offer any affordable branding packages?
We understand budget is a concern. We offer a variety of branding packages to suit different needs and budgets.

We can also discuss customized solutions that focus on your most pressing needs, like logo refresh or brand strategy development.
Do you involve me in the creative process? How much control do I have?
Absolutely! Collaboration is key. We'll work closely with you throughout the branding process, from initial strategy workshops to design revisions.

We present you with creative concepts and gather your feedback to ensure the final brand identity aligns perfectly with your vision.

However, we both have to trust each other. We have background in branding creation and development . So, we create the branding by analyzing the market gap you are in.
How will I measure the effectiveness of my branding efforts?
We can help you set up a system to track key branding metrics. This might include website traffic, brand mentions on social media, customer sentiment analysis, and brand awareness surveys.

Tracking these metrics allows you to see how your brand is performing and adjust your strategy for continuous improvement.
Will I have ownership of my brand identity once it's created?
Yes, you will own the copyright and trademark rights to your brand identity once we complete the project.
What are the next steps to get started?
Contact us today for a free consultation in the form below! We'd love to discuss your vision and answer any questions you might have about our branding services.

Let's find your ideal audience and keep them for life

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