Website Dark UX Patterns – is this a GO or a big No No

Imagine the love of your life is proposing to you for marriage and all you can say is “Yes, I do” and “Okay, I will do that”. It’s kind of irritating, isn’t it? Maybe you like some time to think about it and then make a decision. And you’re just not given the choice to do so.
May 3, 2024

As a small business owner, surely you’re craving for a crowded website. And it’s okay. All of us want our site to be visited by so many people and have them subscribed to our email list. That’s how they will descend through the sales funnel, and from fans become satisfied customers.

But, the website with a bad user experience won’t just chase people from the store, but it can make them feel frustrated, wishing they never come to your website again.

We call it Dark UX patterns. Sometimes you can use them and still don’t know how harmful they are for your site.

In this blog, I’ll lead you through some important topics about losing customers through their customer journey:

  • What are Dark Ux patterns?
  • Types of Dark patterns.
  • Why you should avoid them?
  • Other ways to attract and keep customers!

What are Dark Ux patterns?

They are actually a cunning way to force someone to say Yes. Imagine the love of your life is proposing to you for marriage and all you can say is “Yes, I do” and “Okay, I will do that”. It’s kind of irritating, isn’t it? Maybe you like some time to think about it and then make a decision. And you’re just not given the choice to do so.

These are the same things that make people frustrated on your website, and make them leave it without a doubt.

There’re so many examples of these patterns on the Internet. You won’t believe it but, they’re used even by large companies.

Let’s dive into my collection of Dark Ux patterns and see how they persuade people to do something they don’t want to do:

Types of Dark UX patterns

Difficult to say NO

For eg., Facebook made declining the page invitation very tricky. Instead of giving simple answers like Accept and Decline, they made it like this:

Also, I find businesses that if you use an ad-blocker, they will kindly ask you if you want to turn it off and that is fine. And then, they allow you to choose: “Turn off ad-blocker” and “I am the bad person” if you don’t want to deactivate it.

Is it already gettin’ on your nerves?

Can’t opt-out of cookies

Some Brands don’t allow you to manage the cookies before you enter the page. On the contrary, you’re persuaded to accept them all.

This is how to manage cookies properly if you’re an E-store:

Transparency – Show people what the cookies are about, and what happens if they accept them.
Make it clear – Tell everything about what follows after accepting without hiding anything. Write it simple, so they can understand.
Create boxes – Separate the different cookies like providing data, analytical or advertisement cookies.

If this seems overwhelming to you, write your email in the box. We can help you create a user-friendly website so your customers don’t bounce off your website.

Mission unsubscribing impossible

This happens very often with emailing dark UX patterns. There is a chance to unsubscribe for marketing emails, but the text happens to be very long and mini so you need to look for it for all eternity.

Tricky Questions

Asking tricky questions, and offering even more tricky answers, are some kind of dark UX patterns that may confuse the user and make him take an action he didn’t plan to. Picture

UIX labs is a user experience agency, that helps small business owners create a CTA that is convertible and legal at the same time.

Forcing them to continue the UX process

Some companies require an email before you use one of their products.

In this group, I’ll also put the businesses that ask you for your credit card in order to use a free trial of their services. And it’s okay. But, when the free trial is over you suddenly get charged for the services without warning, which is illegal.

Why you should avoid Dark UX patterns?

Let’s make it clear. These “dirty website tricks” that are used by the companies are illegal. According to the report of, California will punish businesses that use dark UX patterns. This refers to using confusing language and forcing them to sell their information.

Also, dark patterns are the right way to lose your customers. They first got annoyed by the way you want to get loyal customers. Then, they stop trusting you. And if they don’t trust you, they would never buy from you.

In order not to make any website mistakes like this, send us an email and we will craft you a website that your customers would love to visit and buy from.

How to attract and keep your customers in the right way?

For all small business owners, the highest priority should be the customer’s satisfaction. Instead of forcing them to be your loyal customers, make them loyal customers.

Share value

Instead of showing only your products and services and promoting them every day, try to share value. Show some tricks that would help people in everyday life, and would make their lives easier. Show how they can use your products the right way, and how their life is getting better by using them.

Ask for feedback

Create a survey and ask them what they want you to change on your website, products, or services. Show them that you appreciate their opinions and that it means so much to you.

If they buy from you, you can kindly ask them what made them buy from you.

Use multi-channel support

Learn where your audience is and support them on each channel they visit you on. You have to choose if that would be on the phone, social media, or via email.

We are a user experience design agency so don’t doubt emailing us and solve these problems immediately.

Strong customer support

Nowadays, customer support is the face of your brand. It needs to be done with empathy, patience, professionalism, and clear communication.

Make it easy to find on your website or social media channels. You can use automated support, but for bigger issues is better to use a personalized one. Because it’s getting easier for you to understand the customer’s problems and yet to solve them faster.

Don’t ever make your customer confused and angry. But show them, love, educate them and they will not just stay but talk about your brand with their friends.

Start creating a website for your Brand with our team, I promise you’ll never regret it.