Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy in Less Than 2 Weeks

Don’t ever start your Marketing journey on Instagram, if you want your Brand to fail. Yes, I am serious. 1 billion users are on Instagram today and trust me, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.
May 3, 2024

Don’t ever start your Marketing journey on Instagram, if you want your Brand to fail. Yes, I am serious. 1 billion users are on Instagram today and trust me, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

People use Instagram not because they’re just connected with friends, but they are very close with brands they love. They’re more than happy, I would say, because they can immediately buy things they like and desire.

Besides people, with all those features, Instagram helps brands as well, to stay connected with their audience. Support and remind them that they’re here to solve their problems.

You don’t want your competitors to do that instead of you, right? Nevertheless, you’re asking yourself if you would do it all right, as it’s supposed to be done?

If you’re a business owner of any kind, now it’s time to read my 7-steps guide and create a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your Brand at 2022.

Audience research

Do you know exactly who your audience is? Like, who desperately needs your product or services? You must research your target audience in detail. You have to find the things that hold them up at night or the things they dream about. Find the most precise information about them like gender, location, age, interests, job, income.

Moreover, you have to find what hashtags they use to find Brands like you. And which hashtags they engage the most. What keywords do they use, while they’re trying to find products and services similar to yours?

You have work to do, don’t you?

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is as crucial as the audience’s one in every Instagram marketing strategy. You have to spy on your competitors every time, so you can be one step ahead of them. Read their captions, find their best-performing hashtags and most engaging posts.

Be their shadow. Analyze and conclude which weaknesses do they have? Or, which are their strong sides? No, I didn’t think of doing copy-paste. You should be original and unique. Spy on them in order to be different and memorable.

Create a strong brand strategy

What I mean is, you need an unforgettable logo and story that would leave the customers with their jaws dropped. Make a spark in their hearts by involving their problems, needs, and life story in your story as a brand.

Tell them that you understand them and that their problems are your problems too. Do you already have that story? It doesn’t happen overnight. We are a team that has worked days, even months to achieve a brand’s story that people were crazy to hear about. They didn’t just want to hear it, but they were impatient to be a part of that story.

If you are a small business owner and want an unforgettable brand story, email us. We will contact you before you blink.

Set up goals

A brief reminder: Set up your goals before you start sharing anything on Instagram. Don’t forget, your goals have to be SMART, and that means that they have to be very specific. Make them measurable so you can measure whether your Instagram Marketing strategy is successful or not.

Before setting a goal to make millions ask yourself: how many products am I able to create for my customers – that means to make your goals achievable, so you don’t feel disappointed if you don’t achieve them.

Your goals have to be relevant only for your business and set a time limit. What do you want to achieve and when? Time limiting will help you organize and reach your goals easily.

Content strategy

Have you ever started your business on IG, but didn’t plan what to post about before? Oh, don’t worry, I know how time-consuming it is to do research, then to find a great idea and create eye-catchy content. Hours and hours of work.

But let me disappoint you. No successful Instagram marketing strategy ever exists without content strategy being done before.

After audience and competitor analysis, you have to be on your way to create a Social media calendar. When it’s done, you start writing your copy, but be careful. It’s not just regular writing. People nowadays don’t have time to read. They make scans instead. So, make a hook and grab their attention. Then, just make them read or watch till the end.

Optimize your profile & BIO

Let me tell you about some tricks that make your profile visible and appealing to a broad audience. Your Instagram Marketing strategy can’t go on without this, so please read carefully.

If you have a business, as a profile picture upload your logo, and if you’re building a personal brand upload a photo of yourself. I recommend using a picture that looks good on mobile and desktop with a size 320 x 320.

And now what about your BIO? I know that you want people to know about your services or products, but instead of saying how you can help them, speak loudly about what they will get if they buy from you. People want results.

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Do you want to be visible to more people without being so promotional? That’s why IG is our favorite platform. Building a community by engaging with them every day.

Not only on your posts, but you have to be able to engage with brands in your niche so you can boost yourself as an expert, and have a successful Instagram marketing strategy.
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