Get up close and personal with Gen Z

They’re very creative, tech-savvy, and socially minded, so just like that they want to buy from brands that are transparent, have established clear values, and have a strong online community.
May 3, 2024

You maybe feel old but I must say that Gen Z already works and is getting married. Having kids? Yes. This means that you have to adapt your marketing strategy to the new generations growing up with Social Media and using the Internet very differently than the other generations.

They’re very creative, tech-savvy, and socially minded, so just like that they want to buy from brands that are transparent, have established clear values, and have a strong online community.

Let’s make a Gen Z marketing strategy, that will help your business to get closer to them. It’s not that simple, so we’ll go step by step.

Establish Brand Values

You need very strong Brand Values when it comes to Gen Z because they believe that the values of the Brand they like are theirs as well. They also believe that big companies can make changes in the society they live in.

That’s why big companies don’t miss a chance to promote something new in their campaigns like: promoting body positivity, self-love, normalizing LGBTQ+, same-sex marriage, and black lives matters.

Gen Z is also well known as a Digital native, progressive, and racially and ethnically diverse than the generation before, and which is expected to be the most educated.

Some statistics say that:


of Gen Z think that same-sex marriage should adopt a child


of them believe that ethnic diversity is good for society


of them want to purchase from an ethical company.

Here are pictures of Victoria’s Secret’s campaign which is actually trying to rebrand itself, and have women of more sizes on its Social Media, website, etc.

Choose the right platform – Gen Z platform

I would say that TikTok is the most Gen Z platform today, and as a brand, you can use it in the most creative way with short videos. But listen well, it should be very eye-catchy and very well visual stylized video to catch the eye of the Zoomers.

There are so many apps like Videoleap and Capcut that help you to make your videos stand out in the ocean full of videos. It’s not only about creativity, but interactivity too. Share interactive content, for e.g. Make them create a video with your brand’s hashtags. Make some giveaways and include them in your marketing campaign. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Make them a part of your story.

Make-up transition video:

Product transition idea:

Make some jokes, and make them leave a comment with their own.

Everything about this is fine, but do you know what’s more important? Being you. Don’t run away from the Brand values, you have established in the first step. Some companies and some brands can’t be comedians, and not all of the trends are acceptable for your business.

Everything that is useful for growing on each Social platform, should be used very smart. Think twice before you post, because you don’t want to lose your identity.

Being transparent and Accountable

The Zoomers make a deep research about your Brand before they make a purchase. They scroll through your website and all your Social Media channels, reviews, etc. That’s why it would be good for you to stay side by side with your Brand values. It’s not just how you market your company but it’s also the way you treat your employees.

Follow trends, and support black people, women, and LGBTQ+. Gen Z is following you all the time, and it would be great if your external values are the same as internally.

Strong customer support

Strong customer support would definitely fit great into your marketing strategy. 41% of Gen Z want to buy from brands that have responsive customer service and that deliver always on time.

A tool like social listening will help to not miss out on what people are talking about your brand online. Not only about the conversations but it helps you to know if your voice has a positive impact in your industry.

If you’re not sure about how to do this, the UIXlabs team has a tool that will help you to know how your business is performing in the digital space.

All you need to do is to make a step.

Feedbacks and testimonials

Zoomers are researchers. They will find and read every review that other customers put on your social media accounts or on your website.

You have to be transparent so don’t be afraid to allow people to say loud their opinion about your product or services, whether it’s positive or negative.

82% of Gen Z shoppers will buy from a brand after they read the reviews online.

Including testimonials in your marketing strategy helps you to build your reputation, strengthen your credibility and educate new customers.

Listening to Gen Z

Make research with social listening, and see what people are talking about and what they need. Then, create content that they would love to see and will enjoy. If they like the content they are more likely to engage with it.

Show Zoomers that you listen to their desires and that you will implement them in your new product or services.

Hubspot answering to a satisfied customer

Some surveys show that Gen Zers are the most lonely generations, they live through social media so they want to find like-minded people.

As I said do some research and find out how you want to be known. What will be the other main value or point besides selling products or services?

Support their opinions with very creative and funny campaigns. Find the best Hook to catch their attention, and once you do that, they’ll watch your videos to the end.

The closer you become to them, the easier it will be to sell something to them. No one says that it’s going to be easy, and I can say that it’s most difficult to sell than anyone before. Use my tricks and you won’t regret it. Also, you can always contact our team, which can help you to establish Gen Zer’s marketing strategy. We have tools and experts, so don’t miss a chance, but send us a message.