Do you really need a full-time Tik Tok manager?

TikTok is becoming the most efficient search engine of all time. We make this post specifically for those who need to know if they really need a Tiktok manager.
March 10, 2024

According to the statistics showing that the number of TikTok users is growing every month, you have to think more seriously about launching your business there, and creating a TikTok strategy. No, I don’t mean only the tik Tok strategy, because launching a business on one channel is not even a strategy but it has to be a part of your whole marketing and business strategy.

It requires a lot of energy and is definitely very time-consuming because once you start tik toking, you see the idea in every Tik Tok you watch. And here’s the question, can you do that, scrolling all day to catch only one idea. Are you able to record and create those videos, to be catchy and to be trendy at the same time?

If not, there’s an alternative: hiring a tiktok manager. This person has to collaborate with the other marketing people in your business, so you’ll have a marketing strategy that only will bring you leads and sales.

I’ll show you in the following steps how a tiktok manager can help you in doing marketing:

Research and understanding of the platform

Be ready for a whole new platform and brand new strategy. You have to do research because TikTok is very different from Instagram and Facebook.

Not only to do audience research but your TikTok manager has to follow the new trends on this channel: dancing, music, transitions. Every social platform has shorts, but since TikTok has more youthful users your videos have to be creative and funny at the same time.

Your TikTok manager should know the algorithm to experiment with your content and to create what works more for you. Knowing the culture and social trends he/she will help your business to grow!

Niching down

Millions of videos every day, millions of videos from your competitors, did you think about how will you stand out from the crowd? In this part, your TikTok manager should know how to win the ocean.

Think about what your business is good at, what you do better than your competitors, and don’t miss any chance to show it up in your videos.

Also, it’s not only important to catch your audience’s attention but to make them watch the videos till the end. And you want them to reopen your TikTok page and watch the rest of your videos, don’t you? This is what a successful profile on TikTok should look like. The more you experiment with your content the faster you’ll learn about the algorithm, and have the results.

A TikTok manager will help you to create a brand strategy and keep it consistent. Also, to find the right voice that will bring your people to your page.

Don’t make scrolling via TikTok for finding new ideas frustrating, make your TikTok manager do that instead. Our Social Media Manager, Valerie can help you brand your business for this new platform and create a content calendar for you.

Setting tiktok goals with tiktok manager

Your tik Tok goals have to be a part of your whole marketing and business goals. What do you want to reach by launching your business on Tik Tok and where do you want your audience to be led?

Your tiktok manager knows how to set your SMART goals, which means; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Following your analytics managers know if your profile is getting better or not. There’s so much information you can get with the tools they use for this purpose, such as Hootsuite. This tool is giving information about the top post, followers count, reach, views, comments, likes, shares, and engagement rates.

And this is not so simple, because these metrics have to be followed regularly. A great Tiktok manager should also know how to read the metrics in order to find out if the campaign is going well or not.

SEO on Tik Tok

The statistics show that Gen Zers use this platform as a Search engine. That means if they need something to learn or to buy they use Tik Tok instead of Google. That’s one of the main reasons why you should launch your business here asap.

But, how will people find you? For this purpose, you need to make good keyword research, in order to find what your audience is searching for or even better how they are trying to find the products like yours.

Also, here are the hashtags. If you choose the right one that will bring you the right people on your page. Google is ranking the videos from TikTok so you don’t have to doubt anymore. Using more specific hashtags that align with your video content will bring you more views. Don’t use generic hashtags such as #fyp #foryou, you cause it may seem spammy to users.

So in the keyword research, you have to do hashtag research too, and your video will be seen by the right people.

Writing a specific keyword and TikTok shows what people type to find something on that topic

Going viral with trending songs

Tiktok songs are catchy and once they become trending everyone wants to make a video with them so their videos will go viral, because, using those sounds helps you to have more reach on this channel.

Sometimes it’s not only the sound but dancing or transitions that go along with it. Everything’s fine, but you have to be careful if all of those trends align with your brand voice. It’s not okay sometimes to be professional and sometimes funny and comical. Your TikTok manager will know how to dive into trends, and even find trending things before they become trending.

Just like every other platform Tiktok needs special attention with its own content calendar. There is a very different audience with different cultures and attitudes, and all you want is to be a part of their every day seamlessly. But do you have time to do all of this? To create the right content and to show that at the right time in the right way? If not, I recommend you our social media manager Valerie, who can help you to handle this. You can find and contact her on her Instagram account.

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