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Divi has always been about responsive editing, but its best advantage is that it becomes better every day. Now, it’s definitely giving you full control of the design of each element for every device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
May 3, 2024

I know sometimes it seems so frustrating to find a person who will build a website for your small business in the way you have imagined it. It becomes even more difficult when you need it to be done faster. But nowadays, small business owners have an amazing choice. And that’s Divi.

Let’s make it simple. I know that while searching for a website solution you came upon WordPress, so Divi is something like an upgraded hero in this story, with more experience, and with new, groundbreaking techniques. Sounds good, right? It’s about designing and styling your website with simple steps even without having any code experience. So many fonts, animations, and colors that would make your website look amazing. And you build it just the way you want it to be.

In the next paragraph, I will show you how it can help you and how you can buy and install it. Let’s go:

Divi can be used by beginners

That is why I love this website builder. It works on a drag-and-drop system and it’s as simple as it looks. And the favorite part is that your website will still look fancy and of high quality.

Divi has a very user-friendly interface, so you can build your website even without any experience in coding.

Keep reading, because the surprises are yet to come.

Responsive editing with this website builder

Divi has always been about responsive editing, but its best advantage is that it becomes better every day. Now, it’s definitely giving you full control of the design of each element for every device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

With this website builder, it’s finally possible to have the perfect place to show your products.

Styling options

Fonts. A hundred fonts are waiting to keep your website stylish. Here’s a secret! You can use and upload your own font as well.

Shape dividers. They’re used as details to fulfill and make your website eye-catchy. You can use them as a design method that will show people that you have other content on your website without even saying it.

They’re often used as stunning transitions between the pages of your website.

Transform Control & Effects. With this tool, Divi as a website builder allows you to design and transform your elements the same way as you do with Photoshop and Sketch. You can move the elements around, rotate them or scale them up and down. And all of this is so simple to make and understand. You’ll see it the moment you start using the website builder.

Different animations. Make your elements appear in the most extraordinary and stunning ways when visitors come to them. Use Divi’s animations, or create your own with unique type, speed and directions.

If you still doubt yourself about creating a website by yourself, don’t ever hesitate to call the UIXlabs team. We’re here anytime! Just send us your email and we will be ready to start the journey.

Build faster with the Divi website builder

Creating using Divi is as simple as it sounds, but I also love for you to know why building a website here is lightning-fast too.

Multi-select option. No more editing one step at a time. You can select multiple elements and stylish them at the same time, changing their colors, style, and content or, copying, pasting, deleting, and moving them through the website as a group.

Find & Replace option. Imagine that you pick a layout pack from Divi, but you need to make it with your Brand colors. This tool allows you to find and replace the colors, backgrounds, and everything you wish in a blink of an eye. This really saves you time, instead of searching the individual elements by scrolling through your website.

Color tool. This magical tool keeps your colors safe. This means that in the Recent Colors tab you can find all of the colors you used while building the website. Now, you can find them easily and avoid worrying about inconsistency.

This website builder is not just saving your favorite colors, but it creates an extended palette with beautiful colors that go great with the ones you have already chosen. They’re created dynamically and are very easy to access.  

Extendable styles. Imagine you have tons of images on your website. Also, imagine that you have made the perfect box shadows on one. Instead of going from one element to another and designing them all, now you can make one design on one image and extend it to the rest of the images you have on your website.

Having a breathtaking website is a Must!

But why? – You might wonder. – I just need a digital presence because everyone else does it. Wrong. Did you know that according to Saleslion, 48 percent of the people say that the website design is the primary determining factor for your brand’s credibility? You want your website to be clean, well-organized, clear, modern, responsive, and specifically designed to intrigue and capture your audience’s attention. And using Divi is the best choice. Your website can be a powerful call for new customers and a source of knowledge and interest for your current ones. Now, you have the capability to share your vision, mission, and values with the entire world. And believe me, Divi can quite easily transform your website into a number one conversion magnet for your business.

How to learn Divi

Divi doesn’t leave you alone. Once you subscribe to it, you’ll have access to all of their videos about how to use their website builder. Moreover, you have strong technical support that is always there to help you and answer your questions.

How to buy it

Divi has an option to try it before you buy it. You have 30 days for free, so you can decide if it’s the right thing for you and your business. But let’s be honest: What’s easier than dragging and dropping things to make a mind-blowing website? Besides, you have so many design and style options to stand above your competition. If I was in your shoes, I won’t miss this perfect opportunity. Your clients love to visit modern websites that load very fast and that are also mobile and tablet friendly. We are glad to be affiliates!

Click this link now and Unlock the power of Divi. Trust me, this website builder will not fail you.