AIDA Model - Marketing framework using Emotions

Have you seen how Duolingo handles their Tiktok account? Or, how Microsoft comments on posts of regular people? Let's see how emotions changed marketing.
March 10, 2024

Let’s start with triggering emotions. Why is this so important in nowadays marketing campaigns and why do so many companies use this as a primary tool?

So, Emotional marketing is a powerful tool that can trigger a customer’s emotions and make them buy something from you. Oh, that sounds impossible, but it’s true. The companies try to become “smaller” and to build a strong relationship with their customers at first before they start selling something, by learning about their emotions and feelings first.

See the influencers. They build a connection with their audience by talking about their personal lives, their personal pains, and problems and they become closer and closer to people. That’s how they build their trust and people are very likely to buy something from them.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

The feelings that your content will trigger in your customers are very different. You can make them feel joy, happiness, and pride or feel sad, angry, or envious.  

When people feel something when they talk about your brand, your brand becomes more memorable, and shareable, it influences buying decisions which is great, and inspires reaction.

But, the most important thing is to know the difference between consumers and potential consumers. Your values should be the same, but your message should be different. I’ll go step by step and elaborate on this topic so you can make the right content to attract the right people.

Just imagine you sit on the couch relaxing after work, you have no kids, no wife and while scrolling on social media, the Ad with clothes for kids pops up with 20% discounts. First, you feel a little bit angry and then scroll that Ad immediately.

Now when I remind you of this kind of situation, I can start explaining the AIDA model and why is so crucial and may be the best marketing tool?

AIDA Model

The AIDA model is actually when the people that don’t even know about your brand, become your regular consumer.

These are the fourth stages of the AIDA model, or as many marketers call it AIDA funnel.

A (Attention)

I (Interest)

D (Desire)

A (Action)

As a brand, you have to trigger your consumers’ emotions right so you can stimulate them to go down as low as possible through the AIDA funnel.

Getting Their Attention

The first stage of AIDA model is getting attention. It’s not even that simple because hundreds and even thousands of companies nowadays are “fighting” for people’s attention. And people hate Ads. That’s why you need to know your audience very well and ask them a question that triggers them. Also, you can use colorful or unusual designs so you can catch their attention.

In this stage, you can share something that’s interesting and educational for your audience. You can’t sell here, because these are people who don’t know about your Brand yet. Let first make them know you and then trust you.

Becoming interested

When they show some interest in your brand, you’re already in the Interest stage of the AIDA model. If in the Attention stage the people only pass by your shop and they see it for the first time, in this stage, they come in your shop.

All you can do here is explain more about how they can use your product. Why they should use your products/services and what benefits do they get? You can also explain what makes you different from your competitors and why should they buy from you and not from them.

Remarketing – This is a marketing method with which you retarget the audience that already came to your website or was searching for a product like yours.

Lookalike – is when google shows your product to people with similar interests like the people who came on your website or even better that have already bought from you. When you target your audience with lookalike that means that they don’t know your brand yet and you have to target them with the content for the top of the funnel.

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Desiring your product

In this stage, the third in the AIDA model, you show the customers how much people trust you and what they say about your brand, your product, or services. It’s testimonial time. You can target your audience on Social Media with these messages and show that they can trust you.

It’s also discount time, you can give them a 20% product discount or give them free shipping.

Trigger them with scarcity, and put the timing in your ads or the number of products that are left. Tell them that they have no time to wait because maybe someone else will buy the products instead of them.

Taking action in AIDA model

Now It’s time for the CTA Call to action. Be careful of what the customer needs to do in order to buy from you. Tell him clearly what he’s supposed to finally make a purchase. Subscribe to the newsletter, make an order, etc.

Knowing your audience, their desires, and their interest is a must. In that way, you can target them with the right message, trigger the right emotions, and make them take the right actions and that’s buying.

You can use podcasts or blogs for storytelling, in order to come closer to your audience. Use popular topics, relevant information, and some humor to trigger some positive feelings.

Experiment with different content and analyze the metrics. The numbers tell you if something works or doesn’t. In that way, you can see what people love and what hate about you.

Look at your competitors. See what are they doing on the market and how they make people love them. What are your unique selling points, and what makes you different from others?

When you learn about your audience and competitors, you can create your strategy. How you will show up in all of the AIDA model stages, what content you will share, and what call to action you will use so people will know what to do in order to make a purchase.

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