4 strategies you need to try in your clothing brand marketing

Brands go viral in crazy ways these days! Here's how to make your brand go viral and make old customers spread the word more frequently!
March 10, 2024

Brands go viral in crazy ways these days! But it's very hard not to ask ourselves “What do I have to do so my Brand goes viral?”. Or even better, “How to make my older customers stay satisfied and talk about my clothing store?”.

You already have 5-star products, greatly designed dresses or leather handbags. Yet, you feel that people buy once and come back after 3 months again. Or, you outcompete the competition in quality, but still, they get more noise digitally.  Here’s a note for you: You can change that!

Look, my team and I at Uixlabs, have this blog post of 4 strategies of clothing brand marketing just because of that. Let's make your brand go viral and make old customers spread the word more frequently!

4 strategies of Clothing brand marketing

Influencer marketing

Let’s imagine you have a new prom dress line and you want to tell all of the prom girls about it. How to make them hear about your line before they hear about your competitors’? My clothing brand marketing advice would be to find an influencer. Be careful, you have to find the most relevant influencer for your Brand. What does it mean? She has to be young and very popular with young girls because they’re actually your target group in this campaign.

Her audience is your audience!

There’s a rule in the fashion industry – people want to see with their own eyes. Style your influencer girl with your new dresses, and make girls crave for them. She can also show them other fashion tricks, so the girls become more interested in buying from you.

Some influencers have a special page on their website for outfits from different brands. You can post your product on that page and link it back to your website. In that way, they can not just see your products, but they will also know how they can wear them.

Make a giveaway

When it comes to giveaways, I want you to know that they’re the part of our clothing brand marketing strategy that will make your business go viral. It’s actually the easiest way for new people to meet with your brand and your products. In case your audience is on Instagram, this is how to make them talk about you:

For eg. You share an image with your product (Shirt) and say in captions: Today we make a giveaway! Like this post, follow us on IG, and comment below your favorite Shirt color.

You can make it even more personal by persuading them to share it in their Stories. Ta-da, you have their followers as potential members in your giveaway.

Or, make it more simple. Tell them to tag their friends in the comments. Give them the possibility of tagging as many friends as they can.

In case you want to be more creative, make a giveaway where people should post photos on Facebook or Instagram with your product and explain how they feel wearing it.

Our clothing brand marketing list says if your audience is GenZ, you can make the same on TikTok, but now they should create interesting videos and show their creativeness. Tell them to post it publicly, by using a specific hashtag.

Saving strategy

The next on the list in our clothing brand marketing strategy is to keep the old customers. You can make it with some promotions which show that you care about them and their budget. Be careful, it may happen that new customers come to your store and buy products.

Create a promotion like:

Spend x amount and save $
Buy x numbers of (a specific item) and get % off

Or you can simply surprise them with gifts. Make a promotion in which if they buy the dress they get a free catchy belt that aligns very well with the dress.

If a new season is coming (spring), you probably want to clean your inventory from the clothes for cold days. Then, I suggest your promotions include two products of the same type. For eg. “Buy 1, get 2”. If they buy the Shirt, they will get 1 more of it. It feels more like a gift, and they save from their budget, so this is an incredible way to remind the old customers that it’s worth being loyal to you, and also you attract the new ones.

Make them talk about you with their friends!

Maybe you ask yourself what comes first from these strategies. And I have the solution. Send us your email and we will think about all the attracting-customers things.

Make them buy more – Clothing brand marketing

A girl came to your website-store and she chose the ones that look like bells jeans. Then you offer her more jeans like that which are more expensive. In this case, you’re persuading her to pay more for the same product.

On other hand, when they have already chosen which jeans they will buy, present them with another screen with shoes. Yes, you’re right. We want you to make that girl buy another product.

The first example of clothing brand marketing shows us an up-sell purchase, where people are brought around to buy an upgraded version of the product. On the contrary, the second one is cross-selling purchase when you make people buy other products that may fulfill the use of the previous one.

Let’s make these cross-selling and upselling orders easier. Send us an email at hello@uixlabs.com and we will create the best possible offer that will make your customers buy from you without a doubt.

From so many clothing brands in the world, it’s very easy for someone to forget about your brand, even though they already bought from you once. People are overwhelmed online, so they can’t remember all of you. But you can make people hear about you very often. And with our 4 strategies of clothing brand marketing, they can talk about you with their friends, and refer you as a brand that they can save money, and still be satisfied with.